Dinner at the Park

Becky, Catherine and I went to Lynch Park yesterday, with a picnic dinner. Lynch Park was beautiful, as always, and the weather was particularly nice. We took a few photos, but I especially enjoy this one that Becky took of Catherine and me:

ppp|Peter and Catherine|ppp

You can see the rest of the photos [here](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/baby/dinner_lynch_park/).

Apparently, Catherine kept Becky busy all day today… so after we had dinner, Becky went out for an evening on her own. Catherine is hanging out here at the apartment with me, and wouldn’t you know it, but she conked out* to sleep just shortly after we got home. Go figure! I guess that she just looooooves to hang out with her mom! 😉

* Dontcha know, not 20 minutes after I wrote that, Catherine went nuts! I tried to feed her from a bottle, but she wouldn’t take it, so I put her in the front carrier and we cleaned up the apartment a bit. Then we went for a drive, and she did really conk out then, but she woke up when we got home, and just in the nick of time for Becky to feed her. 🙂

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