Becky, Catherine and I went to the [Museum of Science]( today, mostly for free. We had some free passes left over from the Star Wars exhibit, so that got us into the exhibit halls for free. We parked at the Cambridgeside Galleria for $3.99, so that was a good deal, and it was just $3 to cross the Tobin Bridge. $8 for lunch at Taco Bell on the way down, and $24 for dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen on the way back, so that’s less than $40 for a very nice day in the city.

It was nice to wander the exhibit halls with no particular agenda in mind. We covered pretty much the entire building, and we got to see a few shows, including the always fun lightning show, and the entertaining ‘mind games and optical illusions’ show.

We didn’t go to the [BodyWorlds]( exhibit today, though it is something we are interested in seeing… it will be around through January, though, so we still have time. It is a bit pricey at $24 per ticket, or $16 if you go in the evening, but from what I’ve heard, it’s worth it.

Also, we took one of the cutest photos of Catherine while we were in Boston. She is wearing a dress made especially for her by [Michelle]( Are you ready? Here it is!


You can see all of today’s photos [here](

2 thoughts on “MoSsy

  1. Grmreaper

    The Body Show is a MUST SEE. Saw it in NYC two weeks ago. Would go back again, and again! Toughest part is the Reproductive system. (From a parents perspective. They have a warning sign posted before you enter that part)
    Reaper – Out


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