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On Breastfeeding


Recently, Mothering Magazine put the call out for someone to create an international breastfeeding symbol. After a series of voting rounds the winner was selected (see right). The idea is that it can be used in Airports and Malls and the like to alert parents to Family rooms and breastfeeding friendly areas.

I love it. I think that it is simple and clear and (if you’re sensitive about these things) doesn’t imply that all babies are bottle fed. I wonder if it will catch on and if we’ll start seeing it in airports around the country.

It also started me thinking about my own experience with breastfeeding. I knew from the start that I wanted to breastfeed. I think that God did a pretty good job designing the human body to do what it needs to do. Why pass up something nutritional and so convenient? And with the cost of formula, and the time and energy needed to wash bottles breastfeeding seemed like the best decision for us.

When we learned that Catherine would have to hang out in the hospital for a while I was worried that I’d have trouble nursing her. I was adamant that she not get formula, and luckily, the NICU doctors agreed with me. I was able to express breastmilk, freeze it and bring it to the hospital. Catherine was able to take it first by NG/feeding tube and then by bottle.

Once she had her IVs removed we started to attempt breastfeeding. We had a tricky start. We had some latch issues. It was nothing that some practice and patience couldn’t cure. By the time she left the hospital we had stopped using the bottles and were well on our way to figuring things out together. It was tough, it was tiring, it was frustrating, but in the end was well worthwhile. We’ve had a seven month breastfeeding relationship that is still going strong.

During Catherine’s first two weeks I was fortunate to meet with a couple wonderful Lactation Consultants who helped us with the learning curve. Now that we’re doing well I find myself wanting to encourage other women who are breastfeeding or who want to nurse their babies. The LCs are all registered nurses, so I can’t do it in a professional capacity. I’ll have to stick with the old fashioned route and support others by example and by offering encouragement to those I know personally.

Do any of our readers have thoughts on this topic? I’d love to hear what you think.


Floating by Robin Troy

I didn’t have high expectations for this book when I picked it up. I wasn’t sure what kind of novel would win the MTV Book Award. I had a feeling it might be something “hip” or cool. Probably too cool for me to understand or appreciate.

Floating didn’t do much for me. The story takes place in a Southwestern ranch town- I wondered what a Harvard gal from the Midwest would know about horses and ranches and tumbleweed. As it turns out, maybe not much. I found that her descriptions were vague and stereotypical. I wasn’t sure if she had been to a ranch or if she’d only read about them.

The plot and the characters themselves were fine. Not overly bland or overly interesting. I moved through the book slowly; not due to complicated language or plot twists, but due to disinterest. The two most interesting characters in the book are a recently imprisoned man and his 8 year old son. They are, at best, marginal characters. That was unfortunate. I would have liked to have explored their stories in more depth.

Eh. Read it if you want. If not, you’re probably not missing much.

Oh, what a year!


In January, Becky was in her fifth month of her [very boring]( pregnancy. She was mostly over the nausea and was just enjoying the anticipation. Becky turned 27, and we had a fun [bowling birthday party]( for her, and I helped organize a [get together of Gordon College computer science alums](


In February, we could feel “[the baby](” kicking for the first time! Becky threw an [Olympics]( party for the winter Olympics in Torino. We got [our first camcorder]( And we [visited Montreal](


In March, we went to a [Pseudo-St. Pat’s Party]( at [Jenny](’s, and we got our [new Mac mini](


Becky had her [baby shower]( My family’s dog, Beaux, [died]( We said goodbye to Becky’s [Papa](


In May, Becky [worked her last day at the Otis House]( and became a SAHM! We did a lot of [reorganizing]( and [purging]( We watched “the baby”‘s [due date]( [pass by]( Finally, on Memorial Day weekend, Catherine Elinor Wood made her [dramatic arrival]( into this world.


In June, Catherine was finally able to [come home from the hospital]( She had spent two weeks as the guest of Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston and Beverly Hospital here in our home town. Shortly thereafter, we took her on her [first trip to Taco Bell]( Catherine had a lot of visitors this month – [Grandma and Grandpa Wood](, [the Farnhams and the Woods]( By the end of the month, Catherine had [grown by two pounds and one inch]( since birth!


In July, we carted Catherine [down to Boston]( for Harborfest, up to York, Maine for [dinner with the Rainvilles](, down for her [first trip to Martha’s Vineyard](, out to Pennsylvania for [Johanna’s wedding](


In August, we did [Beverly Homecoming]( We also took another trip down to the Vineyard, this time [with the Rainvilles]( Catherine and I got to see our first [Grand Illumination]( We took trips to [Long Hill and the USS Friendship](, and had [dinner at Lynch Park](


In September, we went to [David Lee](’s wedding. We got to see some cool ships at the [Gloucester Schooner Festival]( We took Catherine on her first trip to the [Museum of Science]( We attended Beverly Hospital’s [special care nursery birthday party]( and [Art and Leanne’s wedding]( Becky and I finally jumped on the bandwagon and purchased an Xbox so that we could play [Dance Dance Revolution]( at home. At four months old, [Catherine was 16 pounds nine ounces and 26 inches long](!


In October, Becky had her first experience with general anesthesia in a successful operation to [remove three cysts from one of her ovaries]( We went to see the [Topsfield Fair Parade]( and to [Gordon College Homecoming]( We [changed Catherine’s diaper in many interesting locations]( on our trip out to Ohio and Toronto. On [that trip](, we finally got to meet [Michelle](! Becky and I celebrated our [fourth wedding anniversary]( Catherine also celebrated her first Halloween, and joined us for [several Halloween parties](


In November, we slept through the [Danvers chemical plant explosion](, even though we were just two miles away. We also celebrated our first [Thanksgiving with Catherine](!


In December, we spent the first weekend [on a trip to western Mass]( with Bob, Leah, Lucas, and Jeremy. We visited Boston’s new [ICA]( with Mark. The month was fairly busy with preparations for Christmas, which culminated in our [week-long Christmas event](!

It was indeed a good year, and of course it will surely go down as one of the most memorable with Catherine’s arrival. 🙂

And now, we wish you a happy 2007!

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