Thirty Days: Day One

Rebecca has been following the blog of one SouleMama for a while now, and recently pointed out to me a project she had been working on: 30 days of the everyday. Inspired by the idea of taking one photo each day of something from every day life, I’m going to give it a go for myself.

At first I had my doubts about doing such a project. After all, I have a fairly ordinary life. I go to work for eight hours a day and sit in the same blue-gray cubicle, and I’m not exactly encouraged to carry my camera around the building, much less take photos of things. At home, I’m mostly in the same little house each day, and we don’t travel all that much.

But then I realized that part of the reason to do a project like this is to encourage me to be creative, and to recognize and appreciate the things in my every day life that are interesting or beautiful. To push my creativity and to find different ways of looking at the same things.

I also hope that this project will inspire me to take more photos, and develop good habits of uploading and blogging them more frequently.

So to start off, here’s my photo for today.

Thirty Days: Day One
Frost on a Corolla

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