Historic Churches of Boston

Today I headed in to Boston to meet up with 20 or so other photographers to take in some Historic Churches of Boston. I had a terrific time, walking around Boston all day, photographing churches (and other things), and talking to other photography-minded people.

There were an overwhelming number of Nikon DSLR shooters there, which was quite surprising. I expected it to be fairly even, but everywhere I looked I saw the telltale black-and-yellow straps! Talk about branding!

I met some terrific people, and got to see how others used their cameras. I also doled out a few helpings of advice, particularly to people with compact cameras. Those little things are pretty powerful once you get beyond ‘Auto’ mode! I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos everyone came away with, particularly where we were all taking photos of the same things. Should be interesting to see some different perspectives.

As a follow-up for those who I talked to at the meetup, here is some of the information I promised:

People I met:

  • John Donovan (lots of hockey photos)
  • Kris Quiñones (may be showing some of her work soon!)
  • Meng Yang (ate the biggest plate of ribs!)
  • Dana Pearson (has a home gallery in Somerville)
  • Roger Ramirez (ask him about his domain name)
  • Drew Bennett (has done a photo a day for the past four years)

Stuff I recommended that people check out:

  • Tips From The Top Floor (digital photography podcast with Chris Marquardt)
  • Discover The Top Floor workshops (run by the above, one to be held in Portland, ME)
  • What The Duck (photography comic strip)
  • Ken Rockwell (opinionated, no-holds-barred Nikon photographer. Site has lots of great resources, and he writes his own in-depth user guide for each Nikon DSLR. You’ll either love him or hate him.)

As I mentioned to a few of you, I am working on my own dedicated photography website. Stay tuned to this website for more details on that. Hopefully it will be launching soon!

Last but not least, here is a link to the photos I took during the course of the day!

If you were at the meetup, please leave me a comment and say hello! Also if you’ve got a website, feel free to share it here. I hope to attend another one of these meetups and see some of you folks again!

4 thoughts on “Historic Churches of Boston

  1. christine

    hey peter,
    that’s an awesome and fun day. we’ve been attending Old South in Newburyport, which is old old old. the first regimen of soldiers in the revolutionary war was dispatched from this church, and rev. george whitfeld is buried under the sanctuary. he’s one of the first american preachers to make a name for himself.

    it’s quite historic… and i sit there and worship each sunday.

    speaking of which. gotta get ready. services at 10:30. come by sometime.

  2. Drew

    Hi Peter,
    It was very nice meeting you and your photos are wonderful. You have a couple of great shots of me and Allison and Eva in addition to all your other great photos.


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