Basement work, day 1

Today was the first big day of work on our project to turn the basement into a habitable space. The overall plan is to turn half of the basement into a living room, while the other half will be used for storage and laundry. Ken and Dianne came over, and while Dianne watched Catherine, Ken led the way in starting to make the downstairs take shape. The first order of business was to remove a wall that formed a large closet downstairs, so that we could create a larger living room space. Next, we prepared the joists so that we could attach the new walls. Finally, we framed up the new walls that would separate the living room area. We also purchased a set of doors and temporarily put them in place to see how they’d look. All in all, a big day of work, and we got a lot accomplished!

We’ll probably have one more day to frame one more small wall and take care of a few other outstanding roughing issues. Then there will be some electrical and plumbing work, and then we’ll get our rough inspection from the town. After that inspection, we can put up drywall on the ceiling and walls, finish things off, and then have the finish inspection. Then we can start moving things in! We’ll keep you posted here with news and photos as things progress. For now, you can take a look at the photos from day one!

2 thoughts on “Basement work, day 1

  1. jennifair

    Wow… you did a lot of great work in one day! How lucky you are to be people who can do stuff like this, and who have someone knowledgeable about construction to assist you! It’s going to look great when it’s finished! (Love the French doors, too… tres chic!)


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