Monthly Archives: April 2008

Solo week update

  • Sunday: cleaned up house, worked on some financial stuff, did some blogging. Did a bit of photography around the house. Result: Study of an empty house.
  • Monday night: watched Hitman. Actually pretty good. A few cheesy bits and some totally unnecessary nudity, but otherwise a fun action film. Also didn’t have to pay for it thanks to a Redbox promo code. Played around with some website ideas.
  • Tuesday night: watched X-Men: The Last Stand. Terrible. Terrible. Magneto moving the Golden Gate Bridge to get to Alcatraz? Are you kidding me? At least I didn’t have to put Becky through watching it. Can’t believe it got 7/10 on IMDB.
  • Tonight: Taking care of some paperwork and filing, exploring Muxtape, Twittering, surfing, possibly playing around with more website ideas.
  • Tomorrow night: no plans as yet.
  • Friday: Have the day scheduled off work. Plan was to take a photo excursion. However, I seem to have picked a day that is forecast for an 80% chance of rain. So we’ll see what happens.
  • Saturday: The ladies get home. Hooray!