Today was Memorial Day in the United States, but it was also Catherine’s second birthday. So we celebrated both! In the morning, we had a tiny little birthday party with the three of us, with blueberry muffins baked fresh from scratch by Rebecca. We stuck some candles in one of them for “cake”:

Birthday Muffin

After she blew out the candles, she had us re-light them again and again and again… for practice, I guess. Here are some more photos from our little birthday shindig.

Later in the afternoon, we drove down to Boston and took advantage of the MFA‘s free admission. We got to see the exhibit “El Greco to Velazquez: Art during the Reign of Philip III.” Normally this exhibit would be $6 extra over the museum’s normal $17 price, but today it was all free, so we saved a total of $46. Nice! I think Catherine got a fair amount out of the museum considering that she is just two years old – we showed her some familiar things in various pieces of art, like cats, dogs, babies, hands, feet, hair, etc. There was even one painting in the El Greco -> Velazquez exhibit that showed Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus… I think the title was something like “Rest in the Flight To Egypt,” but doing a Google search for that title turned up several depictions of that scene, and none on the first few pages appear to be the same painting we saw, or by a Spanish artist. Any pointers would be appreciated!

Catherine also enjoyed a few long galleries that were luckily empty of other people at the time.

running the halls

You can see more pics from our Memorial Day trip to the MFA.

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