An update on our basement project

For those who may just be joining us, we’re nearing the end of a project to turn our not-so-finished basement into a finished, livable space. We are doing most of the work ourselves, with help from my father-in-law Ken. Since my last post on the project (wow, over a month), the following has happened:

  • We hired an electrician to do the electrical wiring for our basement.
  • The electrician did all of the rough wiring. This includes running electrical cable, installing ‘cans’ for the recessed lighting, boxes for light switches, light fixtures, and power outlets. He also had the rough electrical inspection done.
  • Our Plumber moved a few pipes that were in the way of putting up ceiling tiles.
  • We had the rough building inspection done, and it passed. This was much less painful than I was expecting.

Today, Ken came over to join us for another big work day. I ran and stapled all of the coaxial cable that runs upstairs, as well as the new cable for downstairs. That needed to be done before we started putting up ceiling tiles. While I did that, Ken finished up some strapping for the ceiling panels. Then Ken and Rebecca worked on putting up drywall on the ceiling, aided by a PanelLift that we rented from Home Depot (or “Ho Po” as Catherine has been calling it). I am told that it made things much easier.


After that, K and R started to lift drywalls high up, and put in some of the last bits of DriCore before Ken had to call it a day. You can see all of the photos I took today, as well as revisit photos from day one and day two.

As for what’s left:

  • Working in some small random bits of ceiling panel.
  • Finishing the wall panels.
  • “Gooping” the drywall.
  • Having the electrician finish his work and get the finish electrical inspection.
  • Putting up the doorway into the new living room.
  • Putting up moldings and putting down the top layers of flooring.
  • Painting and doing other finishing touches.
  • Getting the final building inspection.
  • Moving in!

We’re all very much looking forward to that last item!

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