Walls ‘n’ goop ‘n’ such

walls and goop
Walls and goop

Ken and Dianne came over on Friday of last week to help with some more work in the basement. They got a lot of the drywall “gooping” done, and filled in a few remaining spots where DriCore was needed. We’ll need one more coat of goop, then we’ll have to paint, put up the door and trim, and put down flooring. Once that is all done, we’ll have the electrician come back to do his finish work, then we can get our finish inspections and move in! You can see some more photos of the wallboard and goop work.

ikea flooring
IKEA flooring in the Legacy!

Speaking of flooring, we recently made a trip to [IKEA](http://www.ikea.com/) to buy the flooring to use in the basement. We ended up buying 10 boxes of HEMSE oak-effect laminate flooring, which should cover just over 250 square feet, the size of the downstairs living room, landing, and laundry area. We were able to haul all of it in half of the cargo space in our station wagon. There are a few more photos from that trip.

I’m always amazed at how simple and hassle-free it is to buy stuff at IKEA. I can’t believe we can just walk into the store and drive away with 250 square feet of flooring without having to talk to a single person. I think it’s a testament to great design.

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