Geeky Party


Today we hosted a small gathering of Gordon College Math/CompSci alumni at our house. My friend Lesley and I have been doing these get-togethers for a while now, and we keep trying to spread the word and get more people to attend. This being the summer, many people are busy on weekends or out of town, but nonetheless we had a fun time getting to see some of our old friends, catch up on their recent events, etc. The plan was to have a cookout and to hold most of the party outside, since the inside of our house is rather cramped right now. However, towards dinner time we started to get some light rain and decided to move things inside. It was definitely cramped, or cozy as one might say, but we still managed to have a good time. There was plenty of food and fun with a number of kids pulling in a lot of attention. We even got in a few rounds of karaoke revolution. 🙂

You can visit the gallery for [more pics from the party](

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