It’s Halloween night and we’re handing out candy here in Danvers. We’re live blogging the experience!

* 6:00pm – We’re open for business! We have Hershey’s, Kit Kats, and Gummy Lifesavers.
* 6:06pm – Skeleton, Monster, and Little Mermaid are the first to arrive
* 6:15pm – We’re chowing down on some lentil-brown rice soup
* 6:30pm – No other trick or treaters so far. We started watching Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.
* 6:45pm – Two cheerleaders and some sort of female ghoul just got some candy. Dr. Horrible just got away with the Wonderflonium.
* 6:55pm – Switched to watching Pocoyo. Six Flags guy and Freddy Krueger just got some candy.
* 7:05pm – mob of six assorted trick or treaters
* 7:13pm – seven guys in half-hearted mask-tumes
* 8:00pm – We had an assortment of other trick-or-treaters, but overall the numbers were just a little over twenty. Nonetheless, we had a good time hanging out in the dining room, watching videos, having dinner and treats, waiting for trick or treaters, and listening to the wind.

Egyptian Catherine

Egyptian Catherine

Finally, some photos of our Halloween evening. Hope your Halloween was happy!

One thought on “Halloween!

  1. Melanie

    Thanks to Catherine’s suggestion, the Madison Public Library now has 4 Pocoyo DVDs and 5 Pocoyo board books. I’m awaiting her next suggestions! 🙂


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