Christmas Eve

Being a family with grandparents in two different parts of the country, we tend to spend Christmas in differing locations each year. Every other year we switch between Rebecca’s parents and my parents. This year would normally be a year with my parents, but we won’t be able to see them in person. That’s because they’re visiting my sister and brother-in-law in the Middle East. So as our Christmas Eve is winding down, they’re already celebrating Christmas morning! We really miss having the chance to see them this year, but hopefully we’ll get to see them fairly soon once they get back.

So this year, we’re spending Christmas with Rebecca’s parents. I’m writing from Townsend, Mass right now. Catherine is asleep upstairs, Rebecca, Esme, Ken and Dianne are out at the Christmas eve midnight service, and I’m here at home to watch over Catherine. I’m watching the midnight mass at the Vatican on TV, and uploading some photos from today’s events.

We drove out to Townsend earlier today, and had an hour or so to get our things settled, before we had to get ready to leave again.

Esme in Christmas garb

Esme in Christmas garb

We headed out to Charlton, Mass for the annual Christmas eve get-together for Rebecca’s mom’s side of the family, the Quitadamos. We really enjoyed the chance to see everyone from that side, and the girls definitely had fun with their cousins (first cousins once removed and second cousins alike).

Esme checks out her gifts

Esme checks out her gifts

You can see all of my photos from Christmas Eve.

As this writing has taken me into Christmas Day, I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope that you are able to spend it with loved ones and in a way that is peaceful and wonderful and meaningful to you. We’ll be spending the next two days here in Townsend, then heading home.

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