Conversations With Catherine

Ever since she started talking, Catherine has been a very talkative girl. But recently, her mastery of vocabulary and grammar, and her logical reasoning has been increasing, although her grasp of reality is still a bit shaky. Here are some recent blurbs.

At the end of dinner one night:

Papa: Catherine, after you finish your beans, it’s time for a bath. Catherine: No, I have a better idea. We can play PICTURE LOTTO!

During bathtime:

Catherine: I want you to GO!
Papa: I don’t have to go, this is my house.
Catherine: No, this is Mama’s house! You have a work house!

At bedtime:

Catherine: Papa, what are we going to do tomorrow?
Papa: Well, I’m going to work. I don’t know what you and Mama and Esme are doing.
Catherine: Why are you going to work? (This is a frequent question.)
Papa: I have to go to work so that I can make money so that we can have a house and food and clothes.
Catherine: But we already have a house and food and clothes!
Papa: Well, we have to keep paying for these thngs, so I have to keep going to work to make money.
Catherine: Why do you make money at work?
Papa: Well, somebody else sells things and makes money, and I do work for him, so he gives me a little part of that money. And that’s what I use to pay for our things.
Catherine: Oh.

Upon me coming home from work:

Catherine, to Mama: Mama, come and see who has arrived!

That’s just a little taste… She says so many awesome things that it’s hard to keep track! Anybody else have a favorite saying from Catherine?

4 thoughts on “Conversations With Catherine

  1. leanne

    It was a while back, but when I think of sassy little Catherine, I think back to the night Art & I babysat and she was babbling away, not really paying attention to what you were saying, and you’d asked her “Catherine, are you ready for bed?”

    It turned out she was listening, and very defiantly stated “No.”

    I just love how aware she is, even if it seems like she’s occupied with something else 🙂

  2. Bethany

    I love that she calls a bath a “tubbath.”

    Also that I’m “Friend Bethany,” and she can point out that my name starts with a B.


  3. Peter Post author

    Sadly, she no longer calls it a ‘tubbath.’ 🙁 But she does now regularly take baths with Esme, which is pretty cute. 🙂


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