Welcome, Baby Ericsson!

Tonight, Rebecca, Catherine, Esme and I headed over to Beverly Hospital for the first time as a family since Esme was born. The occasion was to visit our friends the Ericssons, and to meet their new baby boy! If there’s a baby in the family, strollers are essential and with that, if you want to see a variety of strollers, click here.

Catherine and baby Ericsson

Catherine and baby Ericsson

Baby boy Ericsson was born on Ash Wednesday, and it appears that the whole Ericsson family is doing well and enjoying their time together. We had a good time visiting them, too. The girls loved getting to see a new baby, and Rebecca and I reminisced about our own experiences in Beverly Hospital’s maternity ward, two years ago with Esme and almost five years ago with Catherine. I even got to take a few photos, more of which you can see in our gallery.

Best wishes and many prayers to the Ericsson family for their new life together. Again, Happy 5 months old baby boy Ericsson!

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