Monthly Archives: January 2013



We have held a membership at the Boston Museum of Science for almost a year now. I think I can say without hesitation that is some of the best money we have ever spent. The girls and I go down to the museum almost once a week and we go often on the weekend because there is inevitably something awesome they they need to show Papa.

Today’s visit had a singular purpose, the Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show. Catherine, Esme and I had seen it before and the girls were dying to see it again with Peter. The show is only performed a few times a year, so they were excited to see it on the museum’s calendar. We all had a great time and the girls loved the show just as much, if not more, the second time around.

Knowing that it would be a super popular show (every seat in the theater was filled!) we arrived a little early. As we wandered the exhibits on the third floor I snapped this pic of Catherine and I in a convex mirror. No matter how many times we go we seem to find something new and amazing every time!



Step one: get a shoe rack [check]
Step two: show the children where to put their shoes [check]
Step three: revel in the fact that they consistently put their shoes away (mostly) [check]

Step four: get adults to follow suit [maybe someday!]



As a parent, I find it to be so easy to encourage my girls to do things that I enjoy. Take them swimming? Sure! Spend hours at the library? Yes, please! Explore our local hiking trails? Every day, if they’d let me! Work on the finer points of soccer? Well, um…I guess if I have to…

It takes much more forethought and intention to actively encourage and participate in activities that don’t come easily to me. So when I found the pink (yes, pink!) soccer ball that Catherine had been asking for (at Savers, no less) I knew I had to buy it. And when we were sitting around watching Wild Krats this morning and I realized that it was nearing 60 degrees I knew we needed to get out into the great outdoors.

I kicked that soccer ball around longer than I have since I was a kid. And it was great. But the decision to do it did not come easily or naturally to me. I suspect, however, the more we do it the easier it will become!

What kinds of things to you have to work at to enjoy with your kids? How can we make it closer to second nature to broaden the experiences we share with our families?