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Homemade Headband

one hundred and seventy

Another something today to add to my growing list of ways to “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”: new headbands!

Recently, we received a bunch of clothes for the girls from a generous person on freecycle. Many of the items went into immediate rotation in their wardrobes, but there were some shirts and things that just weren’t right for them or were stained. One of those items was a very cute, but stained, pink striped, jersey dress. I kept it because it was so cute, but didn’t know how to save it.

Last weekend, straight from the clearance bin at LL Bean, I bought the girls each a new wide headband. They were cute and stretchy and wonderful. The lightbulb went on over my head as I thought of that dress at home. I knew just how to repurpose it.

Using this tutorial and some hasty measurements, today, I whipped up a pair of these copy-cat headbands. Nice and wide on top with a nice elastic underneath. They are easy for the girls to put on, they hold back hair like no one’s business and as an added bonus they keep the sun from burning the parts in their hair!

I think I might make a couple more for the summer from some other shirts I have on hand. Practically free and freely practical. Perfect!

[as an aside, the stains on Esme’s play dress are identified as follows: red paint on arm from Art Club at the library (today’s focus, Pointillism), mud from faerie house building, chalk handprints from sidewalk chalking]


one hundred and sixty nine

Catherine called me out to see her chalk drawings. She had drawn a masterful Brachiosaurous on the road and this awesome Pteranodon on the stone. “Don’t they look like cave paintings, Mama? You know, from the olden days?”

Are any of you Dinosaur Train fans? Her drawing is of one pteranodon in particular. Can you guess who?


one hundred and sixty eight

Not surprisingly, the laundromat has lost a bit of it’s former gleam for some of us. Thank goodness we received a timely parcel in the mail today, just as we were heading out to do our laundry.

Our AAA membership has once again come in wonderfully handy and we are now in possession of six regional guidebooks, five regional/USA maps and one extremely detailed TripTik. We have been planning our road trip with online and library book resources but it is nice to have maps and guidebooks in hand for circling destinations and stops and for dog earring pages.

Peter and I have our itinerary and packing lists on googleDocs and we’ve been collecting points of interest on Pinterest. We can set our route on Google Maps. We know we’ll be able to access our info on our phones as we travel and love the technology. But the hard copy maps and plans are just perfect for those brand new to learning map skills and navigation.

Catherine has been reading for quite some time and went though the maps locating the state capitols, our major destinations and other landmarks. She found, and circled, things that she wanted to do or see in the guide books. She found places where our planned routes deviates from the AAA highlighted routes. It was real life geography at it’s finest.

Even non readers can explore maps. Esme identified campgrounds, ski areas, colleges, lighthouses and forests by their symbols. She pointed out the differences in roads-highways vs. smaller roads and found state capitols thanks to the stars. When I pointed out Denver she saw that New Mexico was nearby. Not happy with hearing that we wouldn’t be going there she put her finger down and traced a route right to Santa Fe. Smarty pants.

Long story short- hooray for maps!


one hundred and sixty six

Q: What is more impressive than a 41.5 foot diameter globe, that rotates and revolves AND shows land formations in 3D??

A: The fact that two girls were able to keep this stop on our “Father’s Day Eve Mystery Tour” a secret from Peter for nearly an entire week! They were so proud of themselves, and so was I. I wasn’t sure they were going to make it!

From Shore

one hundred and sixty five

Observations from shore:
(in no particular order)

It was mostly too chilly for swimming today, but sometimes it is best to learn that lesson the hard way.

Our quick trip to the lake was made with only swimsuits and towels. It was so refreshing to travel light.

Why is it that when we’re at the beach alone and without sand toys the girls find their own amusement, but when we’re there with other kids and tons of toys ‘there’s nothing to do’??

It amazes me that the depth that I am comfortable with each girl going out to happens to be the same depth that they themselves are comfortable with. Telepathic connection or magical sweet spot?

I am overwhelmingly grateful that we get to go here. Often.


one hundred and sixty four

I am quick to say that our many times stopping to watch the library snails are due solely to the girls’ interest in them.

A solo trip to the library tonight, during which I stood in the rain observing these sluggy beasties, proves that quite the opposite is true.

Like Minds

one hundred and sixty two

No matter how confident and happy we are with the path that our family has chosen to walk, it is always so nice to spend time with others who share a similar vision.

We are all of us at different points on our unschooling journeys, with different backgrounds and kids of all ages, but always find something to learn from each other every time we gather. Or something to share that strikes a note with someone else (or the entire group!).

There’s never a lull in the conversation, there’s plenty of laughter and we all leave a little bit more renewed and relaxed and reenergized when we leave than when we came in.