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Science is Real

two hundred and thirty two

Over the weekend, Catherine wondered if you could take the salt out of the ocean water. She then went on to dictate to us how we should go about testing her theory that if we left water out in the sun it would evaporate, leaving the salt behind.

When we got home from the beach we set up her experiment and proceeded to wait, fairly patiently.

That was Saturday- when we returned from the beach today, we checked our plate of water and instead of sea water we found salt!

We scratched some off, taste tested it and felt pretty proud about our ‘in real life’ science experiment!


two hundred and thirty one

Two paths diverged in the campground today as Esme and I walked home from our parking space. “This way, Esme!” I called, as she chose the opposite path from mine.

“I prefer to go my way!” She shouted back as she took off down her path.

“Okay,” I told her, “I’ll meet you at home.”

What choice did I have but to let her go? At four she wants to go her own way, in full sight of my path, to a destination she already knows the way to. At fourteen she’ll be out of my sight. At 24 she’ll choose a path without knowing her destination.

It seems such a small thing, to let her take her own route, knowing well that I can see her the whole way, but it is like practicing scales to a concert pianist. In order to build trust and confidence and skill for the tougher challenges ahead we must start by warming up on these easier ones.

When the decisions and the divergences become bigger and more more weighty, I pray that this practice will have given us a firm foundation of trust and a collection of experiences to look back on. May they help her (and us) to grow and to hone a fierce sense of adventure, tempered with common sense. And may she feel the love that comes in the letting go as well as in the meeting up.

At the Ferry Again

two hundred and thirty

Amongst the hoards of vacationers leaving the island this evening, we had a quick opportunity to snap this family selfie.

Papa’s send-off was not as tearful as the last time, but just as sad! We’re looking forward to seeing him again in a few weeks! I’m sure there will be plenty of bedtimes songs via phone and nonsense texts from Esme to Papa and photos sent back and forth to get us through!


two hundred and twenty nine

(photo credit: Peter)

Our extended stay here this summer has afforded us the opportunity to partake in so many new as well as familiar activities.

Today’s excitement was riding the current underneath First Bridge. It was the first time for both girls and they were awesome, floating and swimming and riding the current!

It was a perfect day for a perfect summer activity, one that I loved as a kid and still look forward to every summer.

At the End of the Trail

two hundred and twenty eight

We spent a very pleasant afternoon hiking at Sepiessa Point Reservation. The walk, fresh air and peace and quiet were much welcomed during this, the busiest of weeks, on Martha’s Vineyard.

Catherine and I took the lead on the return trip and snapped this picture as we got back to the car. A sweet moment with my girl while we waited for Papa and Esme.

State Beach

two hundred and twenty seven

Millions of moms have known this before me (including my own). State beach is a really, really, perfect sort of place to take your kids.


two hundred and twenty four

It was a milestone day in Catherine’s biking career. Today was her first substantial ride, 12.2 miles around the Martha’s Vineyard Airport in the Manuel F Correllus State Park.

[on the map in the photo it is the section of trails in the very center of the island]

It was a long ride, double her longest ride to date, but she handled it with ease. We are so fortunate to have access to some really wonderful bike trails here- smooth, mostly flat and not overcrowded!

There will be two things that will remain in her memory of this first big ride. The pouring rain that soaked us for the entire second half of the trail, and our brief encounter with the First Lady and her dog Bo.

We biked passed Michelle Obama and her entourage with little fanfare and we greeted her as we did everyone else we had passed so far, with a nod, a hello and a smile. Esme added her two cents in with a “I love your dog!” from the tag-a-long behind me. In return we got a smile, a chuckle and a hearty “Thank you!” as we rode on. We also got a keen ‘looking over’ by several secret service agents.

All in all (even with the rain) it was a fun ride and a proud day for a great seven year old!