Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lost Tooth

two hundred and fifty nine

Loose tooth number three jumped ship today. Catherine was clearly excited.

Just after the tooth came out, she dropped it on the floor and it took both of us looking to find it again. Then she said,

“Mama, this is the funniest thing! First I lost my tooth. And then I really lost my tooth!”

I am already in love with the gap.


two hundred and fifty seven

Massively blessed by, and extremely grateful for, the long, hard day’s work that these great friends put in for us. We were able to get all of our stuff moved from storage and up into our second floor unit in just one day. Huge thank yous to Appu, Drew and Nick (not shown) for shleping our stuff with us!!

Busy Day

two hundred and fifty five

I wasn’t even sure I had had time to take a photo today. But then I found this one. Now you know that the stairs were dirty and then I cleaned them!

Homeless but not without Home(s)

two hundred and fifty four

It has been almost four months since we moved out of our old house. In that time I have joked about how we were now ‘homeless’. It was a trite little joke but a fair icebreaker for the ‘haven’t you bought a house yet?’ conversation that would inevitably follow.

But the truth is, we haven’t been homeless. Since May we have had many homes.

We first went to Blue Note, a cozy, affordable rental right when, and where, we needed it.

We then took to the road finding home in our tent, with family and with friends along the way. They were very temporary homes, but where we felt very much welcome.

The bulk of our summer was spent as a split family. Peter found a cozy home in the Gove family’s guestroom. A perfect spot that kept him near work and church and friends.

We girls enjoyed an adventure filled summer on MV. We enjoyed the time spent with Nonni and Grandpa as well as so many in the MVCMA community.

And, maybe most importantly, we always felt confidant that our house was out there waiting for us. We knew that we were going home, but we were just not sure when. We had home in our hearts and knew we’d eventually get there.

And here we are, not quite moved in, but definitely home.