Monthly Archives: September 2015


The girls and I got our hands on a great game from my childhood! Enchanted Forest!

There are so many lovely things about this game! It has wooden dice that feel so good in your hand. The little game pawns are classic and the trees are so sweet. All the treasures in the forest are drawn from fairy tales, without referencing Disney. It has an unique two dice/multi-directional play that forces more planning when moving your pawn.

Really, though. It’s just lovely.

Rebecca Had a Little Flannel Sheet

In the fall of 2008 I bought a queen flannel sheet at Savers. I used that sheet to make a crib sized fitted sheet and pillow case for Catherine’s tiny bed. I even blogged about it way back when (almost to the day!).

The sheet set lasted through Catherine and lived on to keep Esme snuggly warm for her years sleeping on that crib mattress. When both had moved on to bigger beds I tucked the fabric away in my stores.

Today, in true Joseph Had a Little Overcoat fashion, I have taken the sheet and pillowcase and transformed them into some nice, soft, new hankies. Waste not, want not!


Taking advantage of our Salem resident status by sneaking into the Peabody Essex for a little Maker fun just before closing. How lucky are we to have a great art museum so close to home!


I was trying to take a photo of my zero cost phone wardrobe upgrade when my finger hit the effects button by accident. I usually grumble at my clumsy fingers as I don’t commonly use filters, but tonight I found the image strangely appealing.


We’re a handkerchief using household. We are not so much a ‘getting the hankies into the laundry constantly’ household. I have tried different approaches to get the hankies into the wash, but more often than not they are found under beds and wrapped up in blankets and otherwise not in the hamper.

Today I naively but optimistically embarked on another attempt. I sewed up these little hanging bags, the top for clean and the bottom for used, and hung them in the most heavily trafficked room. With the summer nearly behind us and the more sniffly seasons yet to come, I have high hopes that our hankies will rotate through the laundry more often than taking up residence under the couch. Maintaining a nice wardrobe can be very difficult , but you can now get awesome DFO bags at Luxtime , they have all the latest trends at awesome prices!