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Mud Flats Engineering

It was a muddy day for several young explorers, today, as we explored the Allyn Cox Reservation in Essex. After several boots were nearly left behind, half buried in the mud, Catherine planned and executed a way to walk over the mud without sinking in.

Her theory was that if she spread the dry hay clumps across the mud her weight would be better distributed and the straw would act like a mat, keeping the mud from coming through.

Gingerly she made her first few steps out onto the flats, as seen in the photo, and once her pals saw that she hadn’t sunk down they started to pitch in, collecting straw and tossing it down to her. It was quite the construction project.

It was cold and soon the wind chased us from the point and we had to leave the straw bridge behind before she could get out as far as she’d wanted. But there was satisfaction in solving the problem-even if she didn’t totally finish the project.


An afternoon spent crafting pumpkins for tomorrow’s pumpkin contest on the common. I love their creativity and their growing independence when it comes to their ideas.

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Watching Professor McGonagall, dressed as Professor McGonagall.

Reflections on their first viewing of Harry Potter:

*Big disappointment when the Sorting Hat didn’t sing.

*Lots of discrepancies between the look of certain characters and their descriptions in the book.

*Quidditch was far more exciting than anticipated.

*Wizard’s chess was awesome!

*There was a missing obstacle on the way to Quirrell, and it just so happens to have been the favorite and most anticipated one. Boo.

Over all, everyone enjoyed the movie, gasped in all the right spots and were genuinely entertained, despite the book/movie conflict!