Monthly Archives: December 2015

Project Mrs Claus

The red dress was just calling out for some white trim and a black belt! I’m proud of Catherine for envisioning, planning, shopping for and executing her project. More and more, her ideas are becoming reality thanks to her perseverance and increase in skill. Makes a mama smile.

Land of Stories

Esme shows her excitement in finding the second book in the series.

Peter read the first with them, not me, but based on the peals of laughter from the bedroom both girls thoroughly enjoyed it! Hopefully the second proves to be as entertaining.


Nonni and Esme’s name tags read, “The Baker” and “#2 Baker”, respectively. Esme later told me that Nonni was Chief Baker, which made herself the #1 Baker. Catherine declined a label saying, “Baking isn’t really one of my passions.”

I think they all had fun!

Nature Monday

Despite the misty moisty weather, our regular Monday crew met up in the forest. They ran, climbed, built, hiked, explored, chatted and generally had a grand old time. 14 kids, 6 Mamas and a whole lot of energy descended on Hamlin Reservation. Each week I grow more and more grateful for the opportunity to hang out with such awesome families.