It was a lovely night for music tonight at our church’s open music night. Sandwiched in between a folksy group and a blues band was Peter on solo cello. He played an eclectic mix of music- from classical to pop to Sesame Street and other things in between.


These two have always gotten along very well, but lately there has been a new sense of camaraderie showing itself.

Not all the time, not on all projects. But definitely more often than not!


I am very much thankful for the chance to study the Word in an intentional way at Alpha this Lenten season. The conversations and deeper community building are a lovely bonus!

Birthday Bolero

Last night’s knitting frenzy led to this lovely little article. I added buttons this morning, just in time for an afternoon birthday party. I think it is one of my favorite knitting projects to date.

The pattern itself was a bit tricky. It wasn’t a breezy, “watch tv and knit mindlessly” kind of pattern, but it was easy enough to follow and had some great tricks and structures to it. I love the way the sleeves came out and the broken rib stitch pattern on the body. Over all, just a brilliant, adorable little knit. I know there will be more coming off my needles now that I’ve gotten the hang of it!

[Ravelry link, for those so inclined]