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Whatever it takes

With the last hours of secret knitting counting down, this little one came out of bed for some snuggles as I was racing to finish her gift. Not wanting to go back to bed, even as I encouraged her, and my not wanting to keep the knitting under the lap blanket made for some tricky moments, but she eventually nodded off on my shoulder and I continued on my knitting way. These Christmas secrets are hard to keep, but it is worth it!

Project Mrs Claus

The red dress was just calling out for some white trim and a black belt! I’m proud of Catherine for envisioning, planning, shopping for and executing her project. More and more, her ideas are becoming reality thanks to her perseverance and increase in skill. Makes a mama smile.


A quick visit to a tiny bit of Scandinavia in New England. Loved showing the girls the tomte and the yule goats and we brought home a couple of Christmas decorations. A sweet little stop on our trip home from New Jersey.

Sea Lions

Esme had a particular connection with these sea lions we met today, but the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed their antics as well! It was a great afternoon at the Turtleback Zoo– perfect weather, super kids, great company and we had the place to ourselves!

Land of Stories

Esme shows her excitement in finding the second book in the series.

Peter read the first with them, not me, but based on the peals of laughter from the bedroom both girls thoroughly enjoyed it! Hopefully the second proves to be as entertaining.


Nonni and Esme’s name tags read, “The Baker” and “#2 Baker”, respectively. Esme later told me that Nonni was Chief Baker, which made herself the #1 Baker. Catherine declined a label saying, “Baking isn’t really one of my passions.”

I think they all had fun!

Nature Monday

Despite the misty moisty weather, our regular Monday crew met up in the forest. They ran, climbed, built, hiked, explored, chatted and generally had a grand old time. 14 kids, 6 Mamas and a whole lot of energy descended on Hamlin Reservation. Each week I grow more and more grateful for the opportunity to hang out with such awesome families.

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