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Geeky Onesies A Hit!

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So those Geeky Onesies that Becky made me for Christmas have become quite the sensation!

First, I [raved over them]( on Christmas. Then our relatives in Pennsylvania thought they were great when we showed them off later that day. Just recently, Becky posted them on the [Craftster forum]( where they were received with a great response. And yesterday we discovered that Leah, the admin of [Craftster]( (and fellow Boston-area resident) had submitted the Geeky Onesies to [MAKE](, a do-it-yourself magazine/book run by [O’Reilly Media]( MAKE [posted about the onesies earlier this week](! That’s pretty awesome in both geeky and crafty circles!

I have created a new album just for the onesies [here]( At this point, Rebecca has *not* revealed her plans, if any, for doing any further work with Geeky Onesies. But if you have any thoughts for her, be sure to let us know, either by leaving a comment on this entry, or by contacting her via our [contact page](

Update 01/13/2006

We’ve got another mention, this time at one of my new regular reads, [Daddy Types](, the “Weblog for New Dads”. Cool!

Update 2 01/13/2006

Whoops, and there are even more links that I’ve found by way of searching for the Craftster thread. I was searching for links to our blog, but since most people are just linking to the Craftster thread, that didn’t turn up anything. Becky’s work was mentioned over at [Darryl Smith @ Radioactive Networks](, and also at [Yes, I’m Canadian](


I’ll admit, I have been slow to join the ranks of Podcast listeners. Recently, though, I had heard about some good Podcasts, and decided I would try downloading a few. Turns out that I really enjoy them! To find out more about the Podcasts I’m listening to, read on.

(If you don’t know what Podcasting is, first proceed to ***Wikipedia|*** for a definition.)
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Comrade Mac

fff|ggg|grab_bag/P1020258|Comrade Mac|ggg|fff

Computers deserve souvenirs, too! Our PowerMac G4’s monitor is adorned by a Red Army hat pin, part of a collection I purchased in Moscow. One of the most common items for sale was an old brown army cap, with 20-30 reproduction Soviet pins attached to it. A fun souvenir, and not terribly expensive either – 250 roubles ($9) or less.

Boston Weblogger Meetup

Tonight was the ***Boston Weblogger Meetup|***. This is only the second meetup I’ve attended, but I had quite a good time. I met a bunch of completely new-to-me people, chatted about blogs, technology, society, had a good ***burger|***, and got a whole new list of blogs to put on my blogroll…
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Why do I not hear about these things until it’s too late? This year, the world science fiction convention is being held in Boston: Noreascon. This only happens in Boston sporadically – apparently it’s been 15 years since the last one, and the previous ones were nine years apart each. It started yesterday and runs through Monday, but it costs upwards of $50 per day to attend, or $200 for the whole convention. But wow – they’re holding the Hugo Awards here, and such notables as Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman will be there.

Speaking of Neil, I didn’t even realize this thing was going on in Boston until I read the first line of his blog entry from yesterday! I mean, I read it every day, and I know that he’s always talking about conventions he is going to attend, but I had no clue it was in Boston until now! Gahh!

I guess I’ll sign up for his author tracker – maybe they will actually be a bit more specific about his actual plans. 🙂

Too bad I can’t qualify as press to receive a press pass. 🙁