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Tuning In

Behold the power of the internet: I can now listen to my two favorite radio stations just by logging on to iTunes and double clicking! Will the wonders ever cease? Here’s the low-down…

***WERS|***: The listener supported, commercial free station run by Emerson college students here in Boston. Their programming is extreemly varied. They play everything from hip-hop to modern Israli music, from cartoon theme songs to Bob Dylan. Who could ask for more? My personal favorite shows are “The Playground”: kids music, “The Coffee House”: folk music, and “Standing Room Only”: Broadway showtunes.

***WMVY|***: Progressive radio broadcast from Martha’s Vineyard. This is the station most often playing in the kitchen in our house on MV. The music is an interesting mix of folk and rock with a smattering of reggea, oldies and more. I especially love hearing the local news, standby list and island/cape commercials. It makes it feel like summer all year round!

While I listen to these stations through iTunes you can also get a live stream through the websites above. I’d recommend you check them out. Listen for a while and let me know what you think!

I don’t need a date…

But I did recently register at ***|***. I only did it at first because ***jill|*** did and she was looking for friends. I thought it was kind of cheesy and figured that I’d spend two minutes on it and that would be all.

I’ve discovered, however, that it is rather addictive. I don’t have a whole lot of friends listed, but it’s fun to try to find people I know. I was able to reconnect with my childhood friend Meghan. She and I practically lived at each other’s houses in middle school so it was good to talk to her again.

Over all I think that friendster is an interesting place to surf around. I’m not looking for new friends or dates, but it’s fun none the less. The website itself could use to be a bit more user friendly, though. I find myself having to scroll up and down and click here and there just to find the most basic of information.

So, anyway. Go on friendster and be my friend 🙂