On Parade

I usually stop at stripes when it comes to knitting with more than one color, but these elephants inspired me to try something more complicated. I’m really happy with how it came out, the only thing left to do is to hope and pray it fits the baby it’s meant for!


When you and your friend have a running banana joke, accompanied by a banana based language, there is no discussion needed when you come across a five foot inflatable banana. It is clearly the most perfect birthday gift ever. As soon as you add a bow tie, of course!

Rain and Innovation

We had a bit of rain on our hiking adventure this morning. Unsurprisingly, (but for no discernible reason) Catherine had brought with her this length of bathing suit material. Throughout the hike it was a skirt, a cape, a face mask, a harness, and, finally, this group sized umbrella.

I can’t get enough of her creative ingenuity.


We definitely weren’t at Savers to look at blazers, but man did she get a kick out of trying them one. One after another, after another. She was in love. I managed to put off any purchases until “the fall, when the weather is better for blazers” so we’ll see if her interest persists!