Gold Stars

I did one of my favorite things just now. I wrote a letter. Not an email or a comment on a blog, but a real, old fashioned, handwritten letter. It was on fun paper and I added in some kiddy stickers from the bank. Quite a nice letter, if I do say so myself.

I must say, however, that I was truely disappointed with my penmanship. There were no gold stars attached to that letter. Now, I’m not saying that I ever had beautiful handwriting, but it was decent at least. Today it seemed to be quite below par.

Looking for an easy scape goat for my sloppy writing I will lay the blame on email. I simply just don’t do that much actual writing anymore. I type all my assignments for school, email most of my ‘pen pals’, type up grocery lists while I’m at work… just not too much formal writing.

This saddens me. I’m going to challenge myself. I’ve decided that I will be more focused on my penmanship. I will write more slowly and will be more careful in forming my letters. That should help.

2 thoughts on “Gold Stars

  1. Miss President

    tsk, tsk, tsk. Bad penmanship, eh? Should I get you some penmanship/cursive worksheets from school and send them to you? hehe. 🙂


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