Monthly Archives: March 2003

Photo Backlog

For whatever reason, this morning I decided to export and upload some photos that were in my old gallery, but I never got around to putting back up in the gallery on my new site. So anyway, here are some old but new photo albums for you to peruse:

MRRA Festival Regatta (Corey raced in this with the Angry Fish)
Easter in Ohio 2002 (This was probably the last trip I would take without Becky)
Halibut Point (Becky, Jenn and I took a trip to Halibut Point in Rockport, Mass last spring)

On that note, if there are any photo galleries you remember being on my old gallery, and would like to see again on our site, please let me know! I will do my best to get them back up there. 🙂


One of my biggest time killing hobbies lately has been ‘blogsurfing’. Basically I jump from one blog to another, reading what looks interesting and skipping over that which isn’t. It seems like every blog I’ve come across lately has somthing to say about the WAR.

I have been trying to decide if I want to throw my hat into the ring. It took me a couple days to figure out just what I wanted to say.

I have very complicated feelings on war. Deep in my heart I know that it is wrong and that nothing acomplished is worth the loss of lives and the pain that it puts us all through. But in my head I can understand the reasoning behind this WAR and I feel the need to support my country. I think I will forever be a fence sitter.

This WAR has affected me differently than other military engagements have in my short 24 years. I believe this is because this is the first time I have known someone that is involved.

I watch the news at night and the shots of Marines in the desert make me cry. I look at them and think that any one of those short haired, brown clad soldies could be David.

I don’t know if those of you who read this know any soldiers either here or abroad. If you do I’m sure you are praying for them. If you don’t I’d like to invite you to pray for SGT. David Lee in the US Marines. He’s 21 and we’d all like him to come home safely.

Just Pray for PEACE

Today’s picture

I’d like to try starting a semi-regular feature here on the blog. We have quite an archive of pictures… so every day or so, I will try to pick out one picture to ‘feature’. I will not actually post the picture in the blog, just a link to the picture as it appears in our gallery.

So without further ado, here is the first picture of the day.

This photo was taken by me on our honeymoon. It was taken in the Alhambra of Granada. I think it’s a particularly beautiful photo, and we actually have a printed copy of it hanging on the wall in our study. We would love to go back there, some day. 🙂