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A Day in the Life

The Boston Globe ran a special report on Private Justin Lowe, a 21-year-old Marine from Webster, Massachusetts. The report follows a typical day in his life in the Kuwaiti desert, with text and pictures:

A Day in the Life

An interesting look at life over there, as we prepare for war on Iraq.


Okay, so I’m sitting here at work with Lesly in the Drive-Up and I come across this

Let the tears of laughter begin. It’s a good think that I am in a small enclosed area with a large glass window separating me from the customers!

Enjoy at your own risk!

So funny!

What my dear Rebecca forgot to mention in her last post was the sheer off-the-cuff genius with which I spawned the phrase in the title of said post.

We were in the Quest for Immortality exhibit, having a discussion about something which neither of us really can recall, when at some point Becky uttered the words “it was not uncommon for” … something or other. In any case, I leapt at the opportunity: “Not uncommon? Notunkhamen? Ha ha ha…” 🙂 Maybe it was funnier if you were there. Hee hee. 🙂


Monday was a busy, busy day for the Woods. We had no time to post at all, even though we wanted to! Now it is Tuesday and we must rewind to Sunday.

It was a lovely morning as we woke up to sunshine and the sound of birds.. NO WAIT! We didn’t wake up to those pleasant things. We woke up to the sounds of our upstairs neighbor wailing away on his drum set. Said drum set is located in the room directly above our bedroom. !!

After that we noticed the sunshine and the birds singing.

Off to church and lunch at THE taco bell on our way to the Museum of Science. We went in specifically to see their “Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt” exhibit. I really enjoyed it. There is nothing like being in a room with things that are that old!

We left the museum and headed home to prepare for a little dinner party. Jeremy and Angela came over and we had a grand time with them. MENU: Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda bread, and minty brownies. I had never made any of these before and with the help of my trusty crock pot they came out quite well. Fully tummies abounded.

After a rousing game of CUPS we settled down a bit for a round of “the Game of Sweet Revenge” or Sorry! 🙂 quite fun.

New Shoes!

I got some new shoes on Friday! Becky and I stopped at Galyan’s on our way to Kohls. I was hoping to find some shoes to replace my aging Skechers slip-on sneakers. As luck would have it, I stumbled across a clearance sale on Merrell Reflex multi-sport sneakers. They are comfortable… in fact, they are of a heavenly level of comfort. Ahhh… nothing like the feeling of some new shoes. 🙂

Locate this!

On my way to work this morning, I spotted a commercial van labeled:

“On-Target: Underground Location Service”

Wow! What a cool job… wouldn’t you like to be the one to say, “Got something underground? I’m the man/woman to find it!”


Facts About Your Age

Here’s an interesting link:

Facts About Your Age

Go to that page and enter your birthdate into the window that pops up. The site will list all sorts of facts about your age, for example, what famous people are older/younger than you, and by how much, or what age you were at the time of various historical events. You can hit ‘refresh’ to bring the pop-up box back up if you want to enter in someone else’s birthdate.