Long time no blog

I know it’s been a while… Here’s some things that have been happening. I had a wonderful time in Oregon. We went to some old haunts of mine at the Oregon Extension and I got to do quite a bit of exploring and sight seeing with my good friend Jackie Way. Pictures of our whole trip are found here

Since we’ve been back we have had the Wood/Carter family and Jenn Bresnan visiting. We have lots of fun with them during the week. The Wood/Carter congency departed on Saturday Morning while Jenn stayed till this morning. With Jenn we went out to Gloucester to the Seaport Festival. Highlights of the day? We made a kite and Jenn and I got tattoos… oh. HENNA tattoos. he he

We had a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic at Bradley-Palmer State Forest in Hamilton, MA. The pics don’t even begin to show how beautiful it was today!

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