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If any of you have surfed on over to the blogs listed to the right you may have seen the ***website of Michelle.|*** A few weeks ago she started “Project Mail-a-Thon” which I gleefully took part in. The details are as follows:

qqq| *The ***original instructions|*** from Michelle’s site*

i have decided to start a live internet/real life project. i call this project mail-a-thon quite simply because i cannot think of a better name for it, and i think it’ll stick. it’s catchy, huh?

this is a project that, on a global scale, could bring much happiness to many mailboxes. while “real mail” is more expensive that e-mail, it is, for the most part, infinitely cooler. and, seriously, a stamp doesn’t cost that much.

so, to participate, this is what you need to do:

1. leave a comment saying something to the effect that “wow, this sounds neato. i want to participate!”

2. email me your snail mail address, to rebecca at prwdot dot org. this is an essential part of the plan, don’t forget it.

3. i will mail you something cool within one week of recieving your address. this cool thing will be a surprise. the object of the mail-a-thon is to send happiness. yes, happiness. how cool. you will also, at this time (within one week), also mail me some happiness. i would like that. i like mail. i like happiness

4. when you recieve your happiness in the mail, you must post an entry on your blog that reports your happiness, has a link-back to, and post these instructions. {If you do not have a blog comment back on this site to let me know what you think!}

5. you will mail happiness to others who request that you do so via your blog.

but, you may still be left with one question… how exactly do i mail someone happiness? well dears, that is going to have to be something you figure out. i am guessing it will be distinctive to each person.|qqq

So, I sent off a little letter to Miss Michelle and was quite happy to have received a postcard from her this week. It is a handmade postcard with flowers and my name in pretty letters across the front. It definately made me smile…which was the whole purpose of the game!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE just email me your snail mail address and I’ll give you mine and we’ll start the ball rolling!

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