interesting happenings

a. recently I launched “project mail-a-thon” based on ***michelle’s|*** original concept. I only had one taker. the very likable ***Jennifair|***. I sent southward a cute little lipgloss on a cord that had strawberry shortcake on the label and smelled nice! I received on Saturday a very cute teeny piggy banke that had my name on it and holds one lucky penny. What fun mail!

b. TNT has reached the end of the ER reruns that it has and Today has swung back to the first season. This allows me to recognize more familiar faces… This morning there was a police officer who came in after having shot himself in the leg. The officer was non other than FRANK the (somewhat) loveable admit desk clerk. Weird.

c. wishing for myself a little more spending money this holiday season… and having yet to obtain full time employment, I have gone and found myself a part time job. Yes, that’s right, your hostess is Barnes and Noble’s latest Barista. hmmm. interesting, no?

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