A Holiday Message

It would hardly be the holiday shopping season if I did not take a moment to plug my employer, ***Christianbook.com|http://www.christianbook.com/***. So from apostasy to apologetics, from heresy to hermeneutics, you can find it at Christianbook.com. And they’ve got other stuff too – Veggie Tales, Left Behind, RevKids, Bibleman… all the brands you’ve come to know and love. Christianbook.com is not just books – it’s videos, software, games, gifts, clothing, accessories, and even a ***shofar|http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/product?item_no=22940&netp_id=214385***.

Remember, shopping at Christianbook.com indirectly helps support prwdot.org… you pay them, they pay me, I pay Site 5… and the wheel goes round and round.


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