I walked outside today and discovered a lovely winterwonderland in the parking lot. It made me very happy. And got me thinking more about Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas…Those of you in the Boston area may have noticed that a certain radio station (Oldies 103.3) is playing nothing but Christmas music until the 25th of December. yikes! and they started this the Monday before Thanksgiving. It may be just me, but I think that that is just a little bit extreem. What if I wanted to hear oldies music? The only distributor of Oldies music in Boston is now ONLY playing Christmas tunes. Too much, says I.

Please don’t think that I do not enjoy Christmas music. I have been know to play Christmas cd’s in the middle of the summer…or to force friends and family to watch White Christmas long before snow falls. It is just that I think a solid month of it may be just a little off the deep end.

And if you need more proof that I like Christmas music I will supply you with a link to hear a very lovely one. It is a Christmas gift to all from fellow Gordon Alumnus Jake Armerding. ***Here’s|http://www.jakearmerding.com*** a link to his version of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”. Enjoy with a hot mug of cocoa!

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