What once was lost has now been found!

It only took me two and a half hours and the minimal help of a bobcat to shovel our two cars out this afternoon. I’d say that isn’t too bad.

I have come to believe that shoveling snow (done correctly with your legs, not your back) is the ultimate and perfect form of exercise. It is aerobic, forcing your heart rate up. It is muscle conditioning, arms, legs and back, and best of all you gain a sense of purpose and a feeling of accomplishment as you start to see your car and the pavement again. I think that that is tons better than going to the gym and running for 30 minutes and getting nowhere 🙂

Speaking of shoveling… For all of you who have heard the saga of the shovel that walked away from outside our apartment door and thought never to been seen again… THE SHOVEL HAS BEEN FOUND!!! It had been seceretly locked away in the closet with the water heaters and the cable hook ups. I was able to sucker the keys away from Landlord Jr. while he was playing with the bobcat and there it was, all red and lonely. We are glad to have you home again, shovel!

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