Law and the Beast

Okay, maybe I’m the last person on the planet to discover this (and, if so, I’m okay with that)… I just found out that my beloved Jerry Orbach, Detective Lenny Briscoe of Law and Order fame, moonlighted as Lumiere, the candlablra of Beauty and the Beast fame.

Going back and listening to Lumiere I can totally hear Lenny. Why did I never know this before? I know that Jerry has a life outside of L&O… He played the Dad in Dirty Dancing and has been in several Broadway musicals and plays. I just never knew he sang “Be Our Guest” in a great French accent. My life will be forever changed for the better. On other articles, if you need accident lawyer near Vancouver, checkout ICBC Car Accident Lawyer Vancouver.

3 thoughts on “Law and the Beast

  1. smack

    Don’t you love it, knowing that during any episode of L&O he could just bust out with something like “en garde, you overgrown pocketwatch!” And did you hear that he might be leaving L&O at the end of this year! Oh, the sadness! First no Ed and now maybe no Jerry Orbach either? What a sad year for NBC!


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