I don’t even own a Blue Vest!

I am a fairly frequent shopper at the Wal*Mart in Danvers, Ma. I like Wal*Mart because of their resonable prices and I like poking around for deals. This Wal*Mart is not the best one I’ve been in. It is often messy and the employees aren’t always the nicest.

My biggest gripe with this store, however, is that almost every time I am there someone asks me if I work there. Tonight, for example, I was searching around the fabric section looking for some cute skirt material. While poking in the ‘discount remnants’ basket by the cutting table I noticed a woman walk up. She looked at me as she put her fabric down and then just stood there. After a minute or so, she looked at me somewhat annoyed and said, “can you cut fabric?” I replied, “Um, no. I don’t work here. Sorry.” She kind of huffed at me.

I ask you, dear readers, Why does everyone think I work at Wal*Mart? I’ve spent some time thinking about it, and it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Any thoughts anyone?

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