Sister Rebecca?

Anne of Green Gables once entertained the idea of becoming a nun. She hit a snag because she wasn’t a Catholic. I have two obstacles: I’m not Catholic and I’m already married.

Still, I was thinking today that it might be nice to be a nun. “What brought this on?” you may be tempted to ask. Okay, I’ll tell. As I was leaving North Station today I found myself walking behind a nun. She was wearing a brown robe, white head covering and Birkenstocks. As we made our way through the city I noticed that evey one we passed looked at her and smiled, or waved, or said hello. The smiles disappeared as soon as they were passed her.

I found myself wishing that I was a nun so that I wouldn’t have to be the recipient of everyone’s stone cold stares. It must be nice to be a bride of God.

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