A place to carry my things

Anyone who knows me will most likely tell you that I’m not a “purse girl”. I try to carry everything I need in my pant’s pockets. This has been a pretty good plan for me until recently. My new job in Boston allows me to take the train to work. I like this, but it means that I can’t just unload my stuff into the car. I also tend to dress in skirts and nice pants without pockets. Oh No!

I’ve been looking over the last few weeks for a bag that will suit my purposes. I really don’t go for your traditional purse or handbag. I don’t like carrying a bag with the strap on one shoulder, and I’m not really a Chanel girl. So, cute handbags are out.

I have a nice back pack that I like. It would fit my things and be comfy to carry. However, I think that it is a little more bag than I really require. I’m not trekking the Appalachians or anything.

The solution came to me as if in a dream. A month ago I made a cute little purse for ***Jennifer|http://junefourteenth.blogspot.com***. Inspired by other’s creations found on ***Craftster.org|http://craftster.org*** I altered the pattern. I made it large enough to hold some paperwork and my planner as well as my lunch and Nalgene water bottle. I also made a large flap to keep my stuff in, and the rain out. And I made sure the strap was long enough to cross from one shoulder to the opposite hip…making it like a messenger bag.

Here is my creation. First with the flap in place, and then open to see the inside.

ppp| |ppp

4 thoughts on “A place to carry my things

  1. nikkiana

    Ooh! I like that! If I were more talented with sewing I’d probably make a bad to fit my needs Hmm… My boyfriend and mother sew… Maybe I can con one into doing it. 🙂

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  3. Jennifair

    Tres cute, dear smacky! I like it a lot! You are just the queen of craftiness… move over, martha! 🙂


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