My Civic Duty

Today was a milestone day in my life. For the first time, I was called to Jury Duty at the Peabody Courthouse. For someone who loves Law & Order this was pretty exciting…even without Jerry Orbach.

The first bit was boring…watching a pretty horrible, yet informative, movie about the Mass State Judicial System. Then we paraded upstairs to the courtroom for “impanelment.” Some folks got excused because they already knew the defendants and/or witnesses. The rest of us sat while the lawers picked the 6 jury members.

Since there was only one ‘real’ case on the docket today the rest of us were excused. I was so disappointed. I would have loved to get to sit on a jury, but I guess that I will just have to wait another 3+ years.

Overall, I was proud to have served my Civic Duty to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

One thought on “My Civic Duty

  1. Angela

    Oh my gosh, we’re twins! I just got called for jury duty for the first time too! Only I have to go in September, and I’m a little scared because I don’t want to have to sentence somebody to jail or anything…. American citizens have it rough. =)


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