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After wanting to read it for a while now, I have finally finished Corelli’s Mandolin|http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/067976397X/qid=1091057930/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/102-1093109-7623326?v=glance&s=books, by Louis De Berniernes. I found it to be a very touching story with just the right amount of historical context to be interesting. Beware, however, it caused me to shed many tears!

Having just finished my latest book, The Blue Journal|http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0399148027/qid=1091056631/sr=1-4/ref=sr_1_4/102-1093109-7623326?v=glance&s=books, I have found myself without a new read. Normally, I’d just go to the Library and walk around until some title catches my eye.

I thought that today I’d see what you, our fine readers, might recommend to me. Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite read, or the most recent thing you read. That way I can go to the library with purpose. And maybe I’ll read somthing that I might not have otherwise đŸ™‚

Oh, and I think that I would relegate my latest read to a list of beach books. It was somewhat enjoyable, but mostly I felt gypped by the ending. It was just a good, mindless, easy read.

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  1. Melanie

    Ah, the plethora of possibilities, as I librarian, I must weigh in.

    Something you’d find in the adult section: 1. Pride and Prescience by Carrie Bebris 2. Jane Austen in Bocca by Paula Marantz Cohen

    Adult Non-fiction: 1. Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts 2. The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Grace Under Pressure by Kim Izzo and Ceri Marsh

    Something from the YA section: 1. Mate and Dates and Inflatable Bras by Cathy Hopkins 2. The rest of the Mates and Dates series

  2. Bethany

    I just finished “The Nanny Diaries” and it was fabulous. You might have read it already. It’s light, and funny, but hits close to home having been a nanny and housecleaner for wealthy types myself. =)


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