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Home-run Wrist Warmers

Becky knitted these for me while we were watching the Red Sox:


I wonder how long it would take for her to knit a full set of 25 wrist warmers and send them to the Sox for good luck? Could it be done before the end of the Series? Speaking of which, the Sox are leading the Cardinals 1-0 in the series, and they’re in the lead in Game 2, 4-1 in the bottom of the 4th. Go Sox!

Lost Photos, Now Found

I’ve been digging through my offline digital photo library recently, and I’ve ‘found’ some albums that never made it on-line for whatever reason, or were taken off-line a while ago. Here they are for you to peruse:

Mark and Kirsten’s Wedding – took it offline a while ago to save space on the server, now I have plenty of space.
Geoff and Deanna’s Wedding – either I never put it online, or I took it down for some reason a while ago. Now it’s back.
Head of the Charles Regatta, 2001 – previously taken offline due to disk space.
New Year’s Eve 2001 – not sure why this wasn’t online.
Endicott Park – shot this just a few weeks ago, but never got around to putting it online. Enjoy!
Dogs on Singing Beach – guess I just forgot about this one – some frolicking canines on Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea.
Middlesex Fells – may have taken this one down due to disk space.

Also, for those with access to the Family photo area, I have added a few additional albums. Poke around a bit and you’ll find them.

And so it begins.

The Red Sox win over the Cardinals, 11-9 in the 9th inning of the highest-scoring Game 1 in World Series history. Three more games to go to win it all. If the Sox can sweep the first four games, it will mean an eight-game winning streak against two of the best teams in baseball.

I had to keep telling myself “This is just game 1, save your enthusiasm…”

Boston Globe coverage
MLB coverage

“Ship Ahoy”

I thought it was high time for a good “Quiz Result Entry”. WooHoo!


You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

This calls for a song:
Blue, baby blue,
I’m as blue as I can be,
‘Cause my steady boy said, “Ship Ahoy,”
And joined the Na-a-a-vy.

Suture Self

The Boston Globe ran a very interesting article about the medical procedure used to suture in Curt Schilling’s dislocated tendon. The procedure had never been performed, so the team doctor practiced on human cadaver legs before he did the real thing on Curt. More details here.

(Thanks again to Boston Common for this link.)

The Nerd Was Kissing The Homecoming Queen

This New York Times article concludes:

“It was actually happening. The nerd was kissing the homecoming queen. Paper was beating scissors; scissors were beating rock. Charlie Brown was kicking the football. The Red Sox were beating the Yankees for the American League pennant.”

This quote exemplifies everything that is good and right about the Sox winning the ALCS.

(Thanks to Boston Common for pointing me to it.)

World Series Here We Come!

Amazing! The Boston Red Sox have defeated the New York Yankees 10-3, to win their first trip to the World Series since 1986!!!

The game was simply amazing, from Johnny Damon’s 2-run homer + grand slam, to Derek Lowe’s nearly perfect pitching. The low point was the excruciating bottom of the seventh inning, where Pedro Martinez was stupidly put in to replace Lowe. Luckily, Embree and Timlin took care of the eighth and ninth innings, and managed to hold the Yankees down to just three runs for the win.

Last, but not least, let’s go over the linkage between dad wearing his Red Sox cap and the Sox record:

2003 ALCS: Dad wears his cap for the first few games, then forgets to wear it. The Sox lose.
2004 ALCS: Dad forgets to wear his cap for the first three games, which the Sox lose. I remind him to wear it for the last four games, which the Sox win.

Coincidence? Dad, keep that hat on during the World Series.

In any case:


Red Sox (Cyber)Nation Rejoices!

The Red Sox have won the sixth game in the American League Championship Series against the Yankees, beating a statistic that no baseball team, after being down three games in a seven game series, had ever come back to win three more games. Tomorrow they have the chance to knock down the next statistic in line, that no team has gone from three down to winning a series. And, of course, they have a chance at reaching the World Series, and, if we can even think this far ahead, winning the World Series for the first time since 1918.

The win was met with much rejoicing in Red Sox Nation, and in Red Sox CyberNation, as you can see by the following IM conversations that popped up on our laptop:

ppp|Jenny IM|ppp

ppp|Corey IM|ppp

ppp|Nikki IM|ppp

The game itself was incredible to watch, nail-biting and nerve-racking in its intensity. There were some bizarre moments, particularly Alex Rodriguez’ offensive maneuver while running to first base.

On top of the great win, Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has given an incredible Christian testimony on camera twice, once just after the game in a hallway, and once at the official press conference. The 38-year-old Schilling became a Christian seven years ago, and he gave the credit for his ability to get through this game all to God. He didn’t pray for God to help the Red Sox win, or for the Yankees to lose, just for the strength to get through the game. And he didn’t even wear the special shoes that Reebok designed for him… although he did have a surgery on his foot to suture in the tendon, as it keeps popping in and out. Ick.

Fear, Guilt and Dental Floss

Do you like the Dentist? I do. I love the way that my teeth feel after they’ve been cleaned. I currently am wearing Invisalign provided by the experts at Invisalign – Damon Orthodontics Spokane, which is why I make regular visits to the dentist to get my mouth cleaned once in every two months. I don’t even mind the scraping and poking of the… umm… scraping and poking tool. And I kind of like the ‘stuffing your mouth full of film’ x-ray part. So, minus the drilling and the pulling, I consider the dentist to be a pretty cool person.

I have found that most people dislike going to the dentist, even despite that cool dental procedure called gum contouring I have just discovered. I’m not sure why. Perhaps they hate keeping their mouths open for so long. Or the hurting of the dental tools. Or the sound of the drills. Probably all of the above.

I suspect, however, that there may be another anxiety that comes into play during a trip to the dentists in Sydney. It comes in the form of a question (perhaps from the all too perky Hygenist). So, have you been flossing?

You sit, pinned to the chair by a heavy lead apron, unable to answer. She glares down at you under the yellow light of the adjustable lamp… Do you tell the truth? “No, I have not, in fact, been flossing. Which ring of Hell has been reserved for me?” Or do you lie through your teeth (no pun intended)?? “Of course I’ve been flossing! Can’t you tell?”

The pressure, the guilt! There’s no where to turn and it’s impossible to change the subject.

So, do YOU floss? ummm. ahhhh… How about them Red Sox, eh?


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In order for you readers to keep track of my linkblog, you can head over to the clipblog page I’ve created. Or, if you’re the RSS type, you can syndicate it.

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