Marky Mark and the Turtle Bunch

I was home in Townsend over night Sunday/Monday. While I was there Dad decided to move their dvd/vcr/cd/tape deck/am-fm from their long time home into the closet in the den. During the transfer some of my old cassette tapes were unearthed. Peter was treated to a little look into my 6th and 7th grade taste in music. Believe me, I was just as appalled!

Tape one: A Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch single dated 1991. I don’t think I really liked the ‘B’ side song : “On the House Tip”, but I remember playing and replaying the ‘A’ side: ***Wild Side|***, a remix/make of an old Lou Reed song.

I’m not sure why I liked it so much, It just makes me laugh today. If you take a minute to read the lyrics in the link above, you’ll notice the long verse about Charles and Carol. It just so happens that that story took place here in Boson in 1990. I found ***this interesting article|*** that gives some background of the story. Maybe the fact that it was a local story made me more interested in the song. NOTE: the fact that the article has lyrics playing off the “Charlie on the MTA” is just a dumb coincidence to Peter’s previous posts.

Tape Two: ***Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:The Original Movie Soundtrack|*** vintage 1990. The tape features songs by such fantastic artists like, M.C. Hammer, Spunkadelic, and Partners in Kryme in addition to some great “talking song” bits by Splinter.

I am not too proud to admit that I saw all three TMNT movies in the theater and could also be found with Corey and Meghan on the back patio lip-syncing and dancing to the songs on this very tape. I was a huge TMNT fan, but I’m just starting to wonder about a few things. Well, one at the moment… Splinter was a pet rat from Japan, he winds up in New York, finds some radioactive sludge and four baby turtles. Splinter notices that the turtles and he start to grow abnormally; but he also senses his intellegence growing. WHY didn’t the intellect of the turtles grow as well? ALSO, if Splinter is such a big-shot Japanese rat, why did he name the turtles after Italian Renaissance artists instead of historic Japanese figures? I don’t get it.

One thought on “Marky Mark and the Turtle Bunch

  1. Peter

    It’s all relative. Splinter was a very smart rat to begin with, so he became wicked smart when he got the sludge. The Turtles, on the other hand, were pretty dumb turtles, and so they only advanced to moderately intelligent teenageers.

    Also, I read this morning that in the original TMNT concept, Splinter started out as a human, and then turned into a human-rat. That would better explain his intelligence.


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