Swimsuit Season

Do any of you out there know how hard it is to find a decent bathing suit at the end of November? Very hard! There are some out there for all the skinny minnies who are headed to the Carribean on a cruise, but none for me. argh.

“But why do you need to buy a swimsuit?” you may ask. For my new job. “say what?!?”

It’s true. I have finally found the perfect use for my ability to stay in bodies of water for unhumanly long periods of time. Swimming Instructor at the YMCA. I love kids, I love swimming, what could be better? And it pays a teensy bit more than what I was making watching ‘ER’ reruns on my days off.

Remember, reach and pull, kick kick kick, reach and pull, kick kick kick!

One thought on “Swimsuit Season

  1. susie

    I got the cutest suit at LandsEnd just before leaving for Disney…it was pricey, but flattering. Congrats on the job; I agree it is a perfect fit.


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