Get thee to a Nunnery!

While at the Y on Tuesday I met a young man who is a freshman(fresh-person?) at Gordon College. (Go Scots!) We were having a nice conversation about the campus and professors and what-not and at one point I mentioned that I lived in Sheppard Hall.

The blank stare from the Gordon newbie was the shattering of my young innocence. I quickly realized that he had never seen Sheppard Hall. Had never made a Nunnery or Virgen Vault joke. Had never met any of the fun loving, quiet, studious, wild gals that resided there over the years. What a shame. What a loss.

I refrained from mentioning “Old Lane” or “Prince Chapel”. I didn’t want to sound like some old fogie or something!

Here’s to you, ***dear Sheppard|***. You will be missed!

One thought on “Get thee to a Nunnery!

  1. jennifair

    Wow. scary. And to think that the other day I was thinking of Music Major Christmas Parties in days gone by when there would be contests as to whose team could most beautifully decorate those dungeon practice-room doors in Prince! Poor new students. They’ve missed out on a lot.


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