St. Peter sings, ‘Be Our Guest’

I have a friend. His name is Jerry. Jerry comes over to our house almost every day. Sometimes twice or three times a day. I’d like to thank TNT for bringing him over.

Jerry and I have fun solving crimes and chasing down murderers. Or sometimes we vacation in the Catskills. He has a wealth of funny one-liners and puns that never fail to make me laugh. Sometimes Jerry brings his other friends to play, like: Jack and Ed and Mike and Anita. Other times he brings his daughter ‘Baby’ and we go dancing. Once, he brought his girlfriend the feather duster.

Sadly, ***Jerry|*** has ***passed away|***. I feel like someone in my own family has died. What a horrible day.

In tribute, TNT should broadcast all of my favorite Orbachian shows and films. They should have an all day marathon playing, ***Law and Order|***, ***Beauty and the Beast|*** and ***Dirty Dancing|***. I don’t know if it will be enough to make me feel better. You will be missed, Jerry.

ppp|Jerry Orbach|ppp

ppp|Jerry as Lenny Briscoe|ppp

ppp|Jerry as Lumiere|ppp

(feel free to eulogize Jerry in the comments!)

2 thoughts on “St. Peter sings, ‘Be Our Guest’

  1. Peter

    Adios, Jerry! Your presence has already been missed since you left L&O, and you will be missed all the more now. At least you will still live on in one form or another via syndication and home movies. 🙂


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