Cold enough for you?

Not for Corey. There we are, standing on the beach preparing to take the plunge, and Corey says, “I wish it was colder. Like, 5 degrees below 0 or something.” I have to admit I share that sentiment.

Some weeks ago my brother and I decided to join the L street Brownies in their ***New Years Day swim|*** in Boston Harbor. At the time we assumed that January 1st would be bitterly cold and we looked forward to braving the waters with the bold and the brave.

It was not to be as the temperature rose into the fifites today. The warm weather drew out the crowds and we were joined by 700 other hearty swimmers. We even ran into neighbors from the Island! Steven and Steve McKenna came out to ring in the New Year with a brisk swim!

Today I was able to check off an item on my “life’s to do” list. That does not mean, however that I won’t want to do it again next year!

See pics from the day ***Here|***

Additional news coverage in the ***Boston Herald|***.

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