Sometimes, when I don’t have anything else to read I pick up one of Peter’s books that are lying around. Luckily, most of the time I wind up enjoying them. Last week, for instance, I devoured aaa|Neverwhere|0380789019|aaa by Neil Gaiman.

I’ve read some other things by him and have like them. This was no exception. Although Gaiman’s work may be catagorized as “science fiction” I find him to be much more palatable than other SF I’ve come across. Gaiman writes about humans who come in contact with the supernatural. Interestingly enough, the supernatural creatures are very human-like.

The story takes place in the Londons… London-Under and London-Above. A man from London Above (our London) gets swept into London Under and becomes intangled in the lives of those that live there. After facing certian death on several occasions he…

Well, lets just say that I was satisfied with the ending, despite how it turned out…

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