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There are so many commercials out there that I find to be really horrible, so when I come across one or two that I like I look forward to seeing them over and over again.

Two that have been playing lately have a couple things in common: they are both for soda, and they both feature songs that have been sung by the Muppets. Interesting, no?

I have fallen in love with both commercials. The first is for “Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.” I have yet to try this concoction, so I won’t speak for the flavor, but this one particular commercial is fantastic. The scene opens on a busy restaurant: A couple sits dining. The gentleman is engaged in chattering away on one topic or another. His date takes a sip of her DCVDP and the world seems to slip away as her date’s rambling melds into “mah na mah na”. The rest of the diners chime in with the obligatory “doot do do do do” right on cue! Ha! What better way to drown out someones sports ramblings. I’ll have to try it sometime!

The second commercial begain airing more recently. It is for “Coke with Lime” soda. Basically what they have done is altered the classic lyrics “put the lime in the coconut, drinkem both up” to instead say “you put the lime in the Coke, you nut, drinkem both up.” The idea is formed in a Coke lab and passed on up through management. All the while the song is playing in the background. Just to make sure that the general population got the joke, the Coke people have added a little bouncing ball lyric subtitle at the end. Classic.

Both songs can be found on the album, aaa|Muppet Hits|B00008G2FF|aaa.

2 thoughts on “Muppet Advertising

  1. Maria

    HAHAHA yessssss!!! The Coke with Lime commercial is also my favorite. I’ve been doing a search on it for the last hour trying to find it.. but I can’t. =(

  2. Eric

    I found it at, but they are charging to let you watch it. I too have been looking for the past hour. Please email if you find it! ericnmu AT gmail DOT com


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